About Us

▇  The establishment process of quality management system:

          Our company was established in June 2014. At the beginning, we started the quality management system. In April 2015, the quality

          manual and procedure documents were released and officially implemented in December 2015.  We passed the quality management

          system certification and got certificate of Cadia standard certification (Beijing) co., LTD in December 2015.

Quality policy:

          Customer satisfaction, brand excellence,

          People-oriented, full participation,

          Continuous improvement, scientific management

          Customer satisfaction: All our efforts is to satisfy our customers and meet their needs is the driving force behind our continued

          value   creation;

          Brand excellence: Implement brand concept, create excellent work quality, product quality, service quality, and enhance the company's

          brand value;

          People-oriented: Focus on health, cherish life, guide employees to enhance their sense of self-protection, and continue to provide

          customers with comfortable and safe products and services;

          Full participation: All personnel are the foundation of company. When everyone's enthusiasm, subjective initiative and creativity can be

          fully exerted, continuous innovation and improvement can be achieved;

          Continuous improvement: Through continuous technology and management improvement, we provide safe, reliable and cost-effective

          products and services, and continue to create maximum value for customers and partners;

          Scientific management: Adopt scientific management methods, establish a sound quality management system, and continuously improve


Quality objectives:

        1. The pass rate of product inspection  ≥98%;

          2. Customer satisfaction ≥ 95%;

          3. New product development or performance process improvement ≥ 1 item / year;

          4. 0 major safety accidents throughout the year.

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