About Us

core values

          thirst ,innovation ,comprehend

         We are constantly trying to push ourselves to a farther future. We are calm, keen and focused, taking the pace of innovation

         and using our wisdom to create value for you. We are still very young. Under the glory of success, in the baptism of failure,

         let us strengthen our beliefs and constantly surpass...

Our vision

          become your valued partner

        This vision stems from the achievements we have made. Linglong Automation started in the mobile phone motor and stamping

        industry. Now it has gone to the notebook computer, mobile phone, monitoring instrument and other industries. Its powerful

        automation equipment development capability has promoted the production technology level of domestic mobile phone motor

        to make leap again and again. Today, with our own technical advantages and super-exploratory spirit, we continue to break

        through the industry and work together to create a better future!

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